High Doctors Salary- Is It Justified?

A doctor in the operating room

Doctors are regarded with such great esteem yet at the same time disdained because they tend to give off the vibe of “super humans”. In all truth however, doctors are some of the humblest and hardworking people around. The question of why doctors earn so much money is one that has sparked so much controversy. Some people argue that because doctors claim to take the role of servants, they should forfeit the money for service. This is an interesting way to look at the matter. Below is an in-depth analysis of the life’s and times of a doctor, it seeks to explain the income not to justify it.

Medical school is a trying time for anyone. Regardless of whether your GPA score is 4 or whether you got accepted from the waiting list, the experience of medical school is unique. The first few years are spent understanding human anatomy from one on one interaction with a cadaver. A dead human non-the less! This, in itself is stress enough. From late nights to burn outs, you have to keep in touch with lab work, homework and presentations.

Just when you think, you have mastered enough courage to build a relationship with a dead human, you move to the actual clinical aspect of medicine which includes one on one interaction with patients. The one lesson any doctor will tell you they have had to learn the hard way, is that of “healthy detachment”. While a doctors’ job is meant to reduce suffering, doctors themselves know the meaning of suffering too well.

As seen from many medical drama shows, doctors tend to build relationships with patients who sometimes die, no one can experience that much loss everyday of their life and still be okay.

Two doctors operating on a patient in the operating room

Society views doctors as people who are more than able to give and take life. Doctors are however, just as human as they get. Even with all the medical knowledge gained from years in school, sometimes patients die even after doctors have done the best they could do. Sometimes doctors may make mistakes of oversight or omission or simply due to forgetfulness which may ultimately lead to death or a sequel of bad events.

The everyday life of a doctor revolves around handling blood, drawing blood and sometimes taking muscle or bone marrow biopsies. Each of these procedures poses a significant risk of infection to a doctor even if they are wearing gloves.

In essence doctors are given a great income, not because they are better than anyone else, but because their profession poses significant risk to their physical and emotional wellbeing. From the psychological trauma of medical school to the emotional trauma that is practice, a doctor’s salary is not only theirs but in extension, their therapist’s as well.


written by: Vation